Melissa Finucane (right) speaks at the SRA Conference. Vanessa Parks, Rajeev Ramchand, and Andrew Parker (seated) also spoke.

In December, Melissa Finucane, Andrew Parker,Vanessa Parks, ​and Rajeev Ramchand presented an overview of the Consortium for Resilient Gulf Communities (CRGC) at the annual meeting of the Society for Risk Analysis in New Orleans.

During a plenary session entitled “Risk Perceptions and Resilience among Coastal Gulf Coast Communities,” the researchers described how CRGC’s interdisciplinary research, outreach efforts, and education is helping communities across the Gulf Coast to more effectively understand, withstand, and overcome the multiple stressors brought on by such disasters.​

Melissa, Rajeev, Vanessa, and Andrew at the SRA Conference

Finucane directs the Consortium; Ramchand is co-lead of the CRGC Health Team; Parker is co-lead of the CRGC Self-Evaluation Team; and Parks is a doctoral student at Louisiana State University.