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Database of Research Projects on the Human Impacts of the DWH Oil Spill

A searchable database to help researchers recognize what gaps still exist in the area of research on the DWH oil spill's human impacts, to identify where additional research efforts may be needed. The database lists seven key characteristics of each project, including whom to contact to obtain more information. This resource was developed by CRGC partners. CRGC logo

Database of Potential Sources on Fisheries, Tourism, and Oil Spill Claims

The CRGC developed this database to assist business owners and employers, researchers, community members, and other stakeholders in locating information on the fisheries and tourism sectors, and on oil spill claims, from a wide variety of potential sources. This resource was developed by CRGC partners. CRGC logo

Preparing Students to Become Leaders and Experts in Community Resilience

NEW! CRGC provides graduate and undergraduate students from the Gulf States with hands-on opportunities to work with trans-disciplinary research methods and best practices for addressing community disasters. CRGC logo

Database of Literature on Oil Spills and Public Health

A searchable literature review, in spreadsheet format, on the health impacts of oil spills. The objective of the review, published in 2016, was to identify both what was already known about the effects of oil spills and gaps in our knowledge. This resource was developed by CRGC partners. CRGC logo

The Consortium for Resilient Gulf Communities: An Overview

CRGC’s research, outreach, and education goals are aimed at helping communities across the Gulf Coast to more effectively understand, withstand, and overcome the multiple stressors brought on by major oil spills.

This resource was developed by CRGC partners. CRGC logo

Tulane ByWater Institute

Tulane's riverfront campus is devoted to the study and preservation of Louisiana's waterways and coast. The Bywater Institute's mission is to foster applied research and community engagement on coastal concerns as well as incubate innovation within the emerging environmental and energy sectors. Tulane University is a CRGC partner. CRGC logo

Estimating the Effects of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on Fisheries Landings

What were the direct impacts of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon (DH) oil spill on the Gulf fisheries industry? This paper reports results from an ex-post analysis of the spill using publicly available, routinely collected data on landings, revenues, and fishing effort for select fish species in the Gulf. This resource was developed by CRGC partners. CRGC logo

Coastal Resource & Resilience Center (CRRC)

The Coastal Resource and Resiliency Center conducts lay health worker trainings in the coastal parishes and counties of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Its primary goal is to improve overall health outcomes in the target area, especially among disadvantaged and under-served populations. CRRC is a CRGC partner. CRGC logo

Department of Sociology at Louisiana State University (LSU)

The LSU Department of Sociology is home to a vibrant graduate teaching program and offers the only Ph.D. in sociology in the state of Louisiana. Faculty carry out nationally and internationally recognized research on basic and applied social science questions. The department is a partner in the Consortium for Resilient Gulf Communities. LSU is a CRGC partner. CRGC logo

The Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy (DRLA)

Website of The Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy (DRLA), which is dedicated to the systematic strengthening of global humanitarian leadership, a process that integrates education, research, and application – to achieve increased resilience in communities and individuals impacted by natural and manmade disasters. This resource was developed by CRGC partners. CRGC logo

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