Check out the latest commentary on The RAND Blog! Director of CRGC, Melissa L. Finucane (@MelissaFinucane), who is a Senior Social and Behavioral Scientist at RAND, discusses the extremely active 2017 Atlantic hurricane season- as well as the range of risks posed by future disasters- and implications on community and infrastructure resilience in the Gulf of Mexico. “To what extent are communities where infrastructure is repeatedly in harm’s way able to withstand the impacts of major storms? How can they respond effectively, recover quickly, adapt to changing conditions, and manage future disaster risk over time? How can federal agencies help communities make good decisions that will support recovery and help them better prepare for future disasters?” Critical questions, indeed! To learn more, you’ll have to read Dr. Finucane’s full commentary. Dr. Finucane shares her innovative insights and expertise gained through her vast research and applied experience working with communities and policymakers to develop decision-support tools informed by use-inspired, problem-focused, and iterative approaches. Learn more about how CRGC’s research and outreach activities are not only informing and enabling the broadened accessibility of resilience-building resources, but also providing targeted, customized decision-support tools for diverse stakeholder groups across the Gulf of Mexico region.