Check out CRGC’s last GoMRI student webinar, The Benefits and Challenges of Interdisciplinary Research, which featured Rajeev Ramchand, Ph.D., a Senior Behavioral Scientist with RAND Corporation, and Michael Blum, Ph.D., an Associate Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Tennessee at Knoxvile. In this conversation, moderated by CRGC’s Director, Melissa Finucane, Ph.D., a Senior Social and Behavioral Scientist with RAND Corporation, speakers engaged in an interactive discussion to share their experiences working with people in other disciplines on research within and outside their traditional areas of expertise. 

About CRGC’s GoMRI Student Initiative

CRGC hosts a quarterly webinar series for students working across all GoMRI-funded consortia as part of its GoMRI Student Initiative. The goal of this series is to highlight themes of transdisciplinary interest and support profession development. As part of this initiative, CRGC also launched a list serve for GoMRI students to use as a platform to connect with one another and to facilitate cross-institutional access to researchers and resources. Learn more about how CRGC researchers are Mentoring the Next Generation ยป